Commit 2 Fit Community

The number one benefit of joining a fitness community is accountability Whether you’re looking to start a healthy and active lifestyle or continue the progress you already made – joining Commit 2 Fit community can provide much needed support.

  • Focus on mindset, confidence, exercising, conditioning, and nutrition.

  • Provide a supportive and welcoming community for all fitness levels.

  • Facilitate an online supportive community if you do not live in Atlanta.

  • No Equipment Needed

    These workouts do not require equipment - only YOU!

  • Meal Plans

    Over 600 meal plans available including vegans, vegetarian and keto!

  • Exclusive Accountability Community

    Connect with people just like YOU who are starting their journey as well as others who have achieved great success.


This program will start you on your journey to a healthier life.



Convinced you need a little accountability in your life, but not sure how to get started?

WE'VE GOT YOU COVERED! Getting in the best shape of your life has never been easier! If you can't train with me in person, NO WORRIES, I have the perfect program for you!

Your Fitness Instructor

  • Alfred Terry

    Alfred Terry

    Alfred Terry II is a certified personal trainer and life coach with years of personal and academic experience. Living a healthy lifestyle is a decision and that decision brought me to where I am today. I decided to become a coach and personal trainer to help others that have made the decision to live a better, stronger and healthier life. My training style is FUN and EFFECTIVE - we go to work and we get results! My goal is to serve and help as many people as possible to reach their weight loss and fitness goals with my knowledge, expertise, and personal experience.


  • 1. Do I have to live in Atlanta to join this program?

    No, this program is available to everyone no matter where you are located and on any device.

  • 2. Do I need weights or equipment?

    No, additional equipment needed only yoga mat for some exercises.

  • 3. Do I have to wait to start at the beginning of the month?

    No, you will gain access to the program as soon as you join.